Grassland Herbicides

    • Grass is Irelands biggest forage crop. Year on year, progress is being made to increase the production potential of new grasses so that more milk, beef, lamb, etc can be produced from the land.
      Without excellent grassland weed control, the production potential of a grass sward cannot be met.
      At Charles R Wynne Ltd, we supply a leading range of herbicides to tackle weed populations in grassland such as Docks, Chickweed, Rushes, Thistles & Nettles.
      Our team of agronomists are fully trained to identify the weed burden in your fied and set out a programme to achieve best weed control results. This may be in a situation where clover for example, may need to be saved.

      Please contact one of our agronomists or alternatively either of our branches to speak to us today.