About Us

  • Charles R Wynne Ltd is a leading Agriculture Merchant based in Moone, Co. Kildare with a second branch in Tullow, Co. Carlow. The company has been operating since 1978 and is highly respected among the farming community. We service all sectors of farming from feed to tillage with our nutrition and agronomy experts always on hand to guide and advise you on feeding strategies and growing crops.

    We, at Charles R Wynne Ltd, are dedicated to supplying a comprehensive range of high performance feeds selected from a range of original Toasted Flaked ingredients balanced with the highest rated feeds from the Teagasc Net Energy System. Our rations are formulated to maximise growth rate through palatability and high intake thus ensuring economic benefit.

    Charles R Wynne Ltd, with over 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience in animal feed manufacturing, has become the first choice with numerous farmers throughout Ireland. We are ISO and UFAS accredited and all our cereal growers are members of the Irish Grain Assurance Scheme.
    When it comes to the tillage aspect of the business, we are always on hand to give advice from seed choice to what fertilizer and spray your crops need to maximise yields. At harvest time we purchase Barley, Wheat, Oats, Beans, Oil Seed Rape and Peas from our farming clientele.